Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Download metadata to TV video files

If you have a video (m4v or mp4) of a TV show you can enter metadata information such title, season, episode, description, media kind and artwork (cover image) by right-clicking in iTunes, selecting 'Get Info' and typing everything in.
But if you want to automate this task you can use the metadata batcher tool Videoscripts Video Tag Finder. Since the tool will search for the metadata from the file name, the format should be 'Showname.Season.Episode.mp4'.

After launching the meta data tool, choose 'Web' as metadata source, leave all boxes checked except 'Always use this image if present'. Drag and drop the video files you want to process into the white box and click the 'Batch Process' button. Just make sure the video files are not 'read-only' (right-click on the video file, select properties and uncheck the read-only box if necessary) otherwise the batcher will make a new copy of the video file.

Most of the time the metadata batcher correctly inputs the meta information into the video file but occasionally it would just clean up the name of the file without entering any metadata. The only alternative for PC seems to be MetaX, which isn't freeware and is not that easy to use.

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