Friday, 22 November 2013

Utensil Locker multi key holder[product]=319&cHash=cefe57cb206770f8b8e8661e5fa16b7a
The key ring is actually not a practical invention: it takes relatively a lot of space in your jacket or pants pockets, is not comfortable to carry and probably the sharp edges of the keys will eventually make a hole in your pocket in the not so distant future.

An alternative to the traditional key ring is Locker which is made by Utensil. It's a key holder that looks like a Swiss army knife and has similar clever mechanics. You can fit up to 6 keys into the Locker. Each key can be easily fold out and the Locker itself used as an extended handle. This will make it easier to open a door since the Locker gives you more leverage than a naked key on a key ring.

The tightness at which the key are held in the bracket can be adjusted with a screw. The Locker is made out of sandblasted plastic exterior and metall components on the inside and is made in Germany.

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