Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Remote desktop windows with concurrent users

The server version of windows allows multiple users on the same network to log on to one machine using Remote Desktop. 

But what if you only have the normal windows version on which you want to log on using remote desktop while another (local user) is still logged on without kicking out the current said user?

Thankfully there is a small utility called 'RDP Wrapper Library' by binarymaster, which, after you've installed it on the host or 'server', will allow you to do just that. At the moment it's also being updated quite regularly and the current version (v. 1.5) is actually quite stable.

The PC on which you want to have multiple user sessions should be quite powerful and have good cooling since doing this can be quite cpu intensive. So if you're using a notebook for this purpose for extended periods of time, it may get quite hot. Desktop PC's just have better cooling than laptop or notebook computers.

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