Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Copy music mp3 files from PC to iphone with PhoneTrans
Of course you can use iTunes to transfer music from the PC to the iPhone if that's the only one you use. But what if you want to copy mp3 files from another computer that is not the usual PC you connect the iOS device to (without agreeing to wipe out your entire music library on your device).

Thankfully there is PhoneTrans by iMobie which will let you easily copy music from the PC to the iphone (as well as export files). Even though iTunes needs to be installed on the PC on which you want to use PhoneTrans, the iOS device doesn't need to be "paired" with the PC.

After downloading and installing PhoneTrans, simply launch the program, wait a bit until it loads data from the connected iphone, click the "Music" tab on the left hand side and click "+ Add" on the top menu to choose the mp3 files you want to copy the iPhone and wait a bit for it to rebuild the index or something. If you want to verify that the transfer went smoothly, just open the music app on the iPhone and look for the name of the mp3 file in the list of songs and tap play.

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