Wednesday, 15 January 2014

PC and Mac iPad control App 'Actions' free,d.aGc
The remote control iPad App Actions is currently for free for a limited time, previously it costs 3.60 Euro. The App can be used to remote control a PC or Mac, with the addition of the corresponding desktop client, over the wireless network. Several predefined sets of actions including common control actions for, iTunes, Chrome and Mail are ready to use, which can be configured as well as new actions based on keyboard short-cuts on various software can also be created by the user. For instance VLC can be controlled by the iPad or navigate through tabs in Safari.

The iPad App is around 30MB in size and required iOS 5.1 to run, which allows even iPad 1 users to use the App. The desktop client is available for download on the company's website. An In-App purchase for 2.70 Euro called 'Flows' allows the user to create and execute macros.

Another App called Power-Grid by a Roccat seems to offer similar functions (that are more targeted at gamers) and is available for the iPhone also.

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