Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Share clipboard between Mac & iPhone with Command-C

Have you ever wished of a quick and easy way to send a text from your Mac to your iPhone or vice versa? A new App called Command-C developed by Danilo Torrisi will let you exchange data from the clipboard of OS X and iOS such as text, pictures and URLs. It is baffling why such a useful feature has been omitted by Apple since it already provides Airdrop for files but no straightforward method of sending some text that has been copied to the clipboard. Perhaps they thought people would simply imessage the text.

For Command-C to work, Mac users may download the free OS X App in the Mac App Store and purchase the iOS client in the iTunes store for 3,59 Euros. Both devices need to be on the same network to function and need to be coupled before used for the first time. After the push notifications have been enabled for the App, any text or pictures copied to the clipboard in the iOS device will be available in the command-c client of the target computer after having confirmed the transfer.

A Windows version unfortunately isn't available. The only method I know of exchanging text between PC and iOS device is to use the notes program in the iCloud, Evernote or use Google Keep.

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