Sunday, 8 December 2013

Download Movie Trailers from iTunes
Actually you can direct download movie trailers in iTunes: start iTunes, click on iTunes Store or if you are already in it click on 'Movies' then 'Theatrical Trailers', click on the movie you want or type in the search box, click 'download' and select your preferred definition (720p/1080p).

Unfortunately, 80% of the movie trailers I download that way will only show a green screen with no sound when played. It seems I am one of the very few who have this problem since I found very little information on this on the internet. The only one explanation for this phenomena may be that the video downloads successfully but once it is downloaded, iTunes automatically adds meta data and a movie cover image, which apparently screws up the video file consequently showing only a green image when played instead of the movie trailer.

There is however hope for the few souls who experience this occurrence. Instead of downloading the movie trailer with iTunes, we'll have to use another program. All we need from iTunes is the direct link of the video trailer. In the last step of the first paragraph in this article, instead of clicking on the video definition under download, right-click on a either 720p or 1080p and select 'copy link'.

Normally we would now just paste that link into a browser, but this won't work since the file hoster apparently will only allow QuickTime to download the trailer. Luckily there is a work-around to this in from of file download manager GetRight. After downloading and installing GetRight, go to 'Tools' then 'Getright Configuration', select 'Advanced' in the right pane, then 'Protocols'. In the 'User Agent' box, type QuickTime and click OK.

Now you can click on 'File', 'Enter new URL to download...' in GetRight and paste in the link we previously copied. The downloaded video file, which is in mov format and playable in iTunes or any iOS device, won't have any meta data (see how to add metadata) or movie cover image but at least it should play normally. And if nothing else works, you can still get your movie trailer fix at HD-trailers.

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