Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rock Star Games releases GTA San Andreas for iOS
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS features a rich open-world game playing in the state of San Andreas. After having left his hometown Los Santos in the 80's, Carl Johnson CJ, the lead character of the game returns 10 years later to take charge of his old neighborhood.

The high resolution graphics have been remastered for the mobile experience as well as enhancement have been made for the iPhone 5 that feature detailed shadows and real-time reflections of the environment. External physical controllers that are made for iOS devices are supported. Rockstar Social Club Members can save their game progress in the cloud, thus allowing continued play on any of their iOS devices.

You can fully control the camera and movement with dual analog stick controls. Customize the on screen controls to display the buttons only when you need them. You can even create your own playlist to listen to while playing the game. The download size is 1.63GB and the price is $9.99.

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