Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Teamviewer 9 supports Wake On Lan

The newest version of the remote desktop software Teamviewer now supports WOL or Wake on Lan which means that you can turn on the PC that you want to control from afar (as opposed to leaving the PC on all the time). The following conditions should be met:

1. The PC should be connected by network cable to the LAN (with fixed IP address)

2. The wake-on-lan or "resume by lan" feature needs to be enabled in the BIOS (under power options)

3. You should know your network's public IP address or use a dynamic name service like dyn.com. Read how to get a free dyn address

4. Setup port forwarding for the WOL packet (e.g. 9) on your internet router/modem to the PC's IP address. Go to the web interface of your router (e.g. then 'Advanced Setup'-NAT, "Virtual Server" and add the PC's IP address with port 9 to the list. Depending on which router you have, the exact configuration may vary but the idea is essentially the same.

5. The network interface needs to be able to wake up the PC (device manager-network adapter-networkcard-properties-power management-"allow this device to wake up the computer")

6. In the Teamviewer options (general-wake-on-lan) you need to configure the PC to be assigned to your Teamviewer ID.

For further help check out Teamviewer's Wake On Lan guide

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